Solution for Granulated Honey WITHOUT damaging enzymes


A common incubator wafer thermostat can be purchased on ebay for $23.00 DELIVERED

Wafer thermostats allow precise control of temperature within 1/2 of a degree.

An insulated temperature controlled cabinet utilizing resistance heat and one of these precise control thermostats is used.

Build it large enough for several food grade pails or cases of honey.

A small resistance heater, fan and high limit switch will complete the unit.

Be sure to check your own local codes, when building.  

It is then possible to maintain temperature at or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit, within +1 or -1 degree max. 

Granulation problems are over, your honey is safe from damaging effects of heat.

If you sell raw honey and are concerned about maintaining its health benefits, I believe this is an answer.

My opinion based on study of the subject is maximum tempature of 105degrees.

Higher temperatures could possibly damage honey's vitamins and enzyemes.