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Raw extracted honey, limited comb honey, beeswax Swarm removal-Custom Extracting.





Beard of bee's (a number of years ago)

"No bees, no pollination, no grass, no animals, no men."

(Next Spring)Polk Burnett Beekeepers meet 3rd Thursday of the month at the Court house in Balsam Lake, WI

BEE & SWARM Removal in Burnett and Northern Polk County 

 2015 Honey Price: $9.00 PT


 Questions? mccuneapiaries@gmail.com


Wireless sender to monitor hive temps:

Under the inner cover and 2" rigid foam insulation

January 02, 2010    6:00AM -30F OUTSIDE  50F INSIDE TOP

January 05, 2010  10:00AM   -22F                   50.0F

January 06, 2010    3:30PM  +20F                    53.2F

January 08, 2010    8:30AM  -07F                    60.0F

January 10, 2010    9:00AM     0F                     49.9F

January 18, 2010    8:30AM  +34F                   60.0F

January 24, 2010           AM  +32F                     64.2F

January 28, 2010           AM  -12F                      52.3F

January 29  2010    4:00AM     -                         53.0F  

January 29, 2010    7:30AM  -20F                     52.8F

February 01,2010   7:00AM       0F                   54.0F

February 01,2010 10:00AM   +11F                  58.0F

February 09,2010                  +20F                     78.0F

February 11,2010    8:00AM  -12F                   52.0F

February 11,2010    1:00PM +28F                    64.0F

February 16,2010                  +40F                     66.5F

February 25,2010    6:00AM +08F                   45.0F

February 25,2010    3:00PM +35F                    59.0F  (Pollen Patties)   

March 02,2010        8:00AM +10                       45.0F  51F later

March 13,2010        8:00AM +37                       71.6F

March 17,2010        9:00AM +38F                     77.5F

March 18,2010       12:20PM +60F                    86.3F

A Year's Work in an Out-Apiary by G M Doolittle

Rev. Langstroth 

Dr. Farrar

Queen Rearing




Hive Construction:

10-Frame Langstroth Beehive  - Barry Birkey

British National

Frame Jig  (compliments of My Old Tools)




Largest Naked Short in History(stockmarket/SEC)

Gum problem? Plaque?-Try Liquid Dentist 

Beast of Burden
TY,Laurie Anderson/Canada,  BEAST of BURDEN


Granulated Honey Heater SAVE THE ENZYMES


We do Karaoke for parties and weddings

We Do Karaoke For Weddings and Parties


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